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Library of Parliament

Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament was established at the time of Confederation to serve the newly created Parliament of Canada and its existence was formalized in legislation in 1871 under the Library of Parliament Act.  This Act was later incorporated into the Parliament of Canada Act

Like any vital organization, the Library continues to evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of its clients.  We are adopting new technologies, changing the way we do business and finding new ways to collaborate with like-minded organizations.

As we adapt and evolve to respond to the needs of our clients, we maintain a clarity of mission and vision that is the key to our success.  Our mission is to contribute to Canadian parliamentary democracy by creating, managing and delivering authoritative, reliable and relevant information and knowledge for Parliament, with a vision to be Parliament’s preferred and trusted source of information and knowledge.

 Our Structure

The Parliamentary Librarian is responsible for managing the Library and reports to the Speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons. The Standing Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament, made up of Senators and Members of the House of Commons, assists the Speakers in the direction and control of the Library.

The Library employs about 400 people working in nine locations in or near the parliamentary precinct.  It is our objective under the precinct’s Long-Term Vision and Plan – developed in collaboration with the Senate, the House of Commons, and Public Works and Government Services Canada – to consolidate as many of our operations as possible under one roof.  There are obvious advantages to working in closer proximity, including easier access to colleagues, internal expertise and shared resources.

Strategic Overview

The Library of Parliament has a long and proud history of serving all parliamentarians.  To enhance our capacity to deliver services and remain Parliament’s preferred source of information and knowledge in the 21st century, the Library is addressing several priority issues that affect our current operating environment.

The first of these issues is the impact of changing technology.  Technology has brought a world of resources to clients’ desktops, revolutionized the way they use this information, and altered their expectations about service delivery.

The second issue involves Canadian society’s heightened concern with the standards of corporate governance, and the special need for public sector organizations to demonstrate greater accountability and transparency and to model best practices in managing people, resources and client relationships.

Lastly, amendments to the Parliament of Canada Act in 2006gave the Library the responsibility for establishing a new Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) function, a high-profile service that will provide Parliament with an independent analysis of economic and fiscal issues.

Library of Parliament
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